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Art Masterlist for 2019 & 2020

December just what i wanted... Merry Christmas J2 manip, worksafe! October Falling for you... J2 manip, worksafe! who is really master here Royalty A/B/O manip made at tumblr anon's request. Worksafe! Warning: collar and chain, scars holding you pt2 A continuation of my last J2…

SPN Meanttobe 2020, Art: All or Nothing

Title: All or Nothing Artist: smut_slut Pairing: Jared/Jensen Rating: Teen and up, some skin but no bits showing Warnings: none Prompt: 30. Lake of Silver Roland Pagel was a dynamic man who always got what he wanted. And it appeared he wanted Clarissa – which suited her very well. But the…

Christmas Greetings

Spike and Buffy Christmas Banner - hope you like it and that you have had a mostly great Spuffy 2018 - Thank You all for all the Spuffy and Buffyverse Love you brought into the ever great Buffyverse and Spuffy fandom.

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