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[Review] No.6 Vol.7&8 - Atsuko Asano

The intensity of the story is ramping up as is the suspense. There is a lot of violence in this section because Rat and Shion are in the correctional facility and have to fight their way through it. We get to see the ways in which the relationship works and how they really feel for and see each…


Saiyuki slash: “ Compliance” [ @ AO3] RATING: PG; Goku/Sanzo. SPOILERS: None, but era-wise it takes place during Saiyuki Reload Blast. SUMMARY: Goku tries to get Sanzo to take a nap. How the tables have turned. NOTES: Thanks to akira17 for beta. You can comment here or at the Dreamwidth…


Saiyuki gen: “ Backlash” [ @ AO3] RATING: PG-13. SPOILERS: “Kouten” of Saiyuki Reload Blast. SUMMARY: Varying, often destructive, reactions to stressful situations. Poor Goku. NOTES: The conversation in here is the canonical conversation in “Shot 4. Kouten,” which is why it may sound somewhat…

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