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Nightly Bread & Starlight Meditation

Not sure if it was the new type of raw honey used in the recipe (to support the proofing process), the historic events of yesterday, or both, but I ***really***...got what I was looking for...for dinner., Crispy pan pizza...(*swoons*) (*felt my nails flash blaze with…

*Trying* To Wrap Up The Saturday Event Report....

Okay. This report will be about all I can do for now. A definite intensification is / has been going down for fluid world events, and *cens*ring* these notes takes much effort. (*Yawns with exertion*). Okay. The breadcrumb effect, and the related surge event throttling confirmed... . (*Nods*).…

Already Backlogged / Saturday's Events.....

I am already backlogged....? Okay. I need to report Saturdays's II major event clusters. The initial of which...was likely a direct testament to "the breadcrumb effect" around the time of it's conclusion. Okay.... . Here goes. ------------------------------ So...as I reported prior, I,…

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