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man from uncle

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Shards (An Easter Egg for Aconitumn)

After The See-Paris-And-Die Affair, Napoleon and Illya have a few things to work out. Written for the 2021 MFUWSS Easter Egg Exchange to aconitumn' prompts: something involving France, a lavender field, and a surfeit of chocolate. Title: Shards Author: Saki101 Word Count:…

Some poetry fic for Duche55

Title: The Witnesses Genre: Man from UNCLE Rating: PG Word Count: 800 Prompt The Witnesses for duche55 I hope you like what I did with your prompt. Thanks for playing along and also my thanks to my beta, sparky955 Napoleon knocked softly first on the door and then let…

A poetry fic for Gevr

Title: The Centipede Genre: Man from UNCLE Rating: G Word count 540 Prompt - the Centipede by Ogden Nash for gevr I hope you enjoy your little bit of silliness. Thanks for playing along and thanks to sparky955 for your beta Napoleon sat up and brushed off his clothes, then…

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