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Meteorological S-Cuss word

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It can snow any month of the year in Maine. Yes, I've uttered what people around here call the "meteorological S-Cuss Word" in what should be "spring". The models are not in agreement. Depending on which one you look at, the state capital area and the…

And the pandemic becomes more and more political

The owner of a brewpub restaurant in Bethal, Maine (in the western mountains, near the NH border) went on FauxNews on Thursday (4/30) declaring he would defy our governor and open his restaurant on Friday (5/1) for sit-down service. Currently, dining rooms are closed until phase 2 of the reopening…

Still alive...

Still alive and in good health. Ditto for wife, despite she being a front-line worker on the spiritual care staff at the largest hospital in the state and in a nursing home. Unlike a lot of other nursing care facilities in the state, hers has remained virus free (*knock on virtual wood*). We both…

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