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Unknowing Angel My Angel, You once called me Angel, And I wish I was, Your protector, your comfort, supporting you, even when we're miles apart, But if I was an angel then I was fallen, An angel would protect you, but in the end I hurt you, It was hard to cope with, It wasn't my intention, Like I…


Another from before I realised “I don’t hate you” was a lie. Can’t say I blame them though This house Yeah it’s still you; the reason I drip salt, And although the end’s my fault I still wish for you in bed, No need to ask for my heart to beat fast, I’m still shocked about the last goodnight,…


You once called me Angel, But I guess my wings were not mine because my heart isn’t too. It sits in me but calls to you. But I won’t leave a voice message, like you left me. I’m not the devil, I don’t mean to be evil. I am just no one without you. My name could be a slur to you now but I don’t need…

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