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I wrote this while listening to ' I hope you dance' by Gladys Knight Let me know your thoughts on it. If you're interested in buying the full set get on touch.

This Might Be My Year To Go To Mars

I don’t need a reason like I needed one before the earth I know is tired from far too many wars all the nervous humor is getting tired and old I can see it coming and I don’t have to be told this might be yes this might be as good a time as there will ever be I’d like to see if I could go that…

Oh my god, it's alive...

I keep meaning to get back to journaling but the lack of any decent way to do it on my phone means that I either have to log on from work or want to turn on a computer at home. So of course, I'll come back with a quick one-verse instafilk. Note that this song uses Fahrenheit temperatures, rather…

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