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  • brujah
  • September 22 2017, 08:14

Birthday Boy Noms.

Every year, I try to cook a proper meal for mediawhore's birthday. I try to make it something we have rarely, if ever, so that it's new and fun. I started prepping and cooking around 13:00 yesterday afternoon and served the main at 18:00. I was pretty much covered in chocolate, sweaty, and…

This Entry Is Just All Over The Place...

“A thanks to the both of us, goddesses in our own rights. May the envy and the legend for the two of us live long, even when everything that is now has turned to dust.” - Gwen (Via FaceBook… This quote was so good it had to make it to my LiveJournal) Okay, so yesterday I got off early so Tasha and…

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