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One of my weirder tourist encounters...

Indeed, the bizarreness makes me wonder if somewhere the encounter now features on YouTube as part of a series? Last week I was accosted while going about my business by a young lady tourist who was desirous of directions. It took me some time, due to the accent and rather limited command of…

Catherine Tate - Absolute Radio

Catherine Tate was interviewed on Jason Manford's Absolute_Radio show this morning. The file is 28mb. If you'd rather me email it to you rather than download it from MediaFire, just drop me a line.

There must be some way out of here...

I am so glad that I am no longer having to find my way out of Euston Station daily, because it's quite bad enough at intervals. Because of the works going on for the HS2 work has been going on around Euston for months, and actually getting out of the station has involved various different…

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