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No, really, it's not destroyed that easily

Seriously? looking at the slavery connections of monuments in London is going to obliterate the city's and 'The Nation's' history? it will never be the same and it's all Sadiq Khan's fault? Actually it's more about considering them in the light of London being a diverse city. London is and has…

Not the sort of local news we usually expect

Partner went out for a jog this morning, and remarked that just around the corner there were a couple of houses with police tape outside and a police presence, and onlookers. So I went and looked up online what this might be about, and it turned out that an elderly man was killed - or at least,…

This week I finally managed to organise newspaper delivery

I sent off for free delivery vouchers some weeks ago, but when they turned up, whoever was delivering our neck of the woods was over capacity and no longer taking any more customers. But idly checking the site last week I saw that it is now possible to set up delivery (and I also have prepay…

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