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Guys, I Give Up

I had to reload Chrome, and I (stupidly) thought my Roosevelt draft was auto-saved. But it wasn't. And now it's gone.

Snow, Welcome and World of Warcraft

I’d like to welcome the new faces to my journal from ! I hope we can get Livejournal back to the ‘good old days’. :P I don’t appreciate honesty at all, so always lie to me—I’m amazing! :P (Joking, definitely!). In other news, woke up to snow (below) this…

Nom Nom Nom

Thanks for the comments on the jumping ship post (I’ll reply individually too). A friend mentioned that one of the big reasons for sticking to LJ is the community/friendships. It is one of the bigger reasons I have stuck to Livejournal myself. Their communities also tend to be a lot more…

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