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BSC & BSLS helped with having no real elementary school friends... [my own age] 😛 (and even when I did - elementary->intermediate) [ Pick of the Day Post from A Might Girl] This entry was originally posted at https://loulavellena.dreamwidth.org/164818.html. Please comment there using…

13RW Character Tropes

Hermione was created by a woman; Hannah was created by a man. Hermione makes more sense. #1 reason Hannah doesn't make sense: the tapes. She is rational, logical, controlled. She's not spiralling. She's methodical. She wasn't looking to blame anyone, she was blaming. She could have gone to…

Sports, Literature, Accessibility

People tend to dislike things because of how inaccessible or dehumanizing they are. There are some sports I don't like and some books I don't like and it has nothing to do with them being sports or books. It has to do with specific aspects of them. If they're dehumanizing towards anyone…

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