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Fic and Art Round-Up 2018

*** As usual, this is stuff that was posted in 2018 although some was written earlier. Fics posted in 2018 by Fandom: Bandom Character Sketch: Gerard Way (Gerard, PG-13, 125 words) – on DW & on AO3 Character Sketch: Brendon Urie (Brendon, PG-13, 130 words) – on DW &…

First Lines of 2018 Fics

*** I'll do an actual update, and also the proper Fic Round UP meme in a few days... But for now, have this, and have my good wishes for NY. First Lines of 2018 Fics (in order of posting) "Your bodyguard is very... smiley." ( Unguarded, Mission: Impossible movies, Will/Ethan) The…

Life on Mars Fic: The Year of the Scavanger

*** Title: The Year of the Scavenger Author: MistressKat / kat_lair Fandom: Life of Mars (UK) Pairing: Sam/Gene, Sam/Chris Rating: R Warnings: dark!Sam, dub-con, implied violence, general fucked-upness, Word count: 1,100 Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing. Summary: 1973 may…

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