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It's funny, even though I don't work outside the house, I don't like Monday mornings. I love spending the weekends with S, even though we didn't see her much this weekend because she was working. But Monday mornings when she gets up and goes to work it's the end of the weekend. I got into the…

It's alive!

I see someone injected Dreamwidth with some adrenalin while I wasn't looking. I've come back today and there's people everywhere and my circle is swelling and I don't think I've ever had to go so far back in my reading page... this is awesome! As tempting as it is to go through the friending…

Home Matters

So, life has been busy. I’ll try to post about October later, but for the moment, I thought I’d natter about this week. Or at least one part of this week, that being house stuff. I’ve been waiting for the weather to be dry enough and calm enough (in terms of wind) to get my roof repaired. The…

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