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Is it a feature or a bug?

Journos writing about libraries from a position of, apparently, knowing nothing about the subject. Only at Oxford could musty tomes about phallic worship be regarded as a genuine target for onanistic students. Firstly, we sincerely hope that environmental standards at the Bodleian are such that…

Bloooo moooooon you saw me standing alooooone

Two research visits to libraries this week, both involving preorders, both involving microfilm (hiss, spit),* under the the time pressure of, oops, my chapter is technically due next month and I would like to have these last few cites checked - And a couple of things that I had previously failed…

Yet another blast from the past

Statistically speaking, it seems more likely than not that if I go to a research library/archive, I will bump into someone I know/knew back when. There was one where this did not in fact apply, but otherwise it has been remarkably consistent. Today I went to one I had been meaning to get a…

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