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Seigneurie d'Arse

I was sitting on the sofa minding my own business (as much as any good psychic can) when suddenly a bottle of wine slid over my shoulder and into my lap. Seigneurie d'Arse. I think Lestat is trying to insult me! If I can stop the room from spinning, I might have to retaliate. Also, I…


It has been said insanity can be defined by doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. If this is truly the case, then we both must be stark raving mad. Countless times you have demanded that I provide some sort of explanation for my recent behavior, but how can I…

Message Received

You bloody idiot! Yes, I'm still alive, but it could have gone very differently if your little friend hadn't managed to see inside of my head the moment his teeth broke my skin. Next time you have a house guest, could you at least have the common courtesy to tell me?! I think I dropped my…

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