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Friday five on Sunday

From thefridayfive: What was a skill you were proud to learn as a kid? Cooking! I remember proudly writing down the recipe for Caesar salad in a little exercise book when I was probably still in elementary school, and rolling out a full meal of Indian food from Madhur Jaffrey's…

Friday Five — self-care et al.

What have you done lately for improving or maintaining your mental health? What more would you like to do? I have been getting outside and moving almost every day — running, walking, biking — most days for an hour or more. I'm lucky to have that time to do it, and it feels good to move, get…


Okay. I've been avoiding writing about this because writing makes it true, but: basically the chimney in my house is failing. That is, the system which provides my home with heat cheaply and effectively is not real safe to run right now. When I bought the house I knew the wood stove was relatively…

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