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that giving a cute boy my football ticket on his birthday isn't going to make him fall in love with me that sometimes people are totally stupid, and there is nothing you can do about it that people tend to feel like they are always right, even when they're not that it's the thought that counts…

I'd like to "take a class" from OpenCourseWare, but there's nothing good out there. MIT has the largest selection by far, but their classes require TONS of outside readings and I can't afford all of those books. I could take a Med School class from Johns Hopkins, but I really just don't care about…

Hong Kong is a hot mess in the summer and so am I

Hong Kong is a hot mess in the summer. For a Brit, the thought of moving to a country with average summer temperatures of 33C was massively influential in my decision to move abroad, until I quickly learned my mistake – I’d never considered the humidity of the place. In fact, before I…

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