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We say, "We're coming!" when we're going!

In most Indian cultures ( and, perhaps, elsewhere in the world) it's considered inauspicious to say, when we part, "I am going." It might mean we will never meet again! So we always say, "I'm coming!" when we're going! ....Or, at the very least, "we'll meet again!", " see you later", or that…

Erudition and ego...

What the scientific, erudite types have to realize: When an Ordinary Person sees a beautiful grasshopper, s/he is quite interested. But if told that it is a Cyrtacanthacris tatarica tatarica, and that the classification is Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Orthoptera >…

Reflections on the nature and property of languages in general

Reflections on the nature and property of languages in general, and on the advantages, defects, and manner of improving the English tongue in particular Thomas Stackhouse Printed for J. Batley, 1731 Dead tongues are easier to be learn’d, than living; because, since the Time they were…

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