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Questions for 22 - 24 December

A fun and relaxed (and possibly also merry, as that means "pleasantly tipsy" to me) Christmas to all who celebrate it! It's just past the summer solstice which means it doesn't get dark till 9:30 down here, yet there are still a few people who light up their houses US-style. I hope they…

лингвистический беспредел (с)

В пандан к этому посту дорогого друга iad -- фотографии выдающегося образца того, как грандиозность замысла сталкивается с негодностью средств. Место действия -- центр Черкесска, многоязычное панно у здания, кажется, местной телерадиокомпании, призванное сообщить городу и миру, как на…

Today has been an absolute riot! I finally got rotated off the line, and am forced to WFH for the rest of the week, something i have steadfastly avoided. First i heard about this wonderful story of two naked sunbathers startled by a deer who then got lost in the bush and had to be rescued by…

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