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My first MKAL, and it's 100% local!

This link is to the local-ish yarn dyers whose yarn I'll be using for my first KAL, or 'knit-a-long' for those who aren't familiar with knitter acronyms. The fun of a KAL, especially this, an MKAL (mystery knit along), is that you don't know what it's going to look like at the end. You get clues…

Craftsy post

The shawl I had so much trouble with back when I first started it is finally finished! Only took a month, heh. This is by far the fanciest thing I've ever knitted (11 charts, what the heck was I thinking?!!!), and I'm inordinately proud of it. Before blocking: During: And after:…

Knitting progress

Scary is when a yarn vendor who's only previously seen you briefly a couple of times that were six months apart (and the second times was six months before today's third time) asks you if you've finished the shawl yet when she spots you in her crowded booth. That skein of handspun really IS her…

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