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Finished Object: Capricorn Tank

Springy marled yarn with precious cable edging The striping is so perfect I will be making more and wearing this constantly Pattern: Capricorn Sun Crop by Disco Stitch Yarn: Feederbrook Farm - no colorway listed, it was a single skein in a…

March Madness....and a little April, as well

:whew!: It's been a bit busy around here.......LOTS going on. Let's dive in, shall we? We started March the usual way - by picking up a load of chicks. We started with 20; lost 2 the first few days. That's normal....actually, it's better than usual. Day-old chicks spend their time looking for ways…

February Round-Up

So...I've been on a knitting kick lately. And a Dyeing one, but I have no photos of the newly dyed yarn. :lol: (What? I spent all of Snowvid dyeing up yarn for socks....and a pair of mittens. It was quite productive - I think I ended up with 9 sock kits and the mittens!) Anyway. After I finished…

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