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I think having an almost completely lazy day was a very good idea yesterday. Unfortunately it didn't seem to do S much good, as she developed tightness in her chest in the evening and had one or two bad coughing fits during the night. She seems marginally better today, but is still taking most of…

And something bound off = something new on the needles ...

Turns out to be those same needles too as they are the size I need for the new thing as well. New thing being Hunter Hammersen's pure genius reversible cables. Pure genius because while regular cables look good on one side of the knitting and unattractive on the other (which is why they're really…

Knitting progress: Finished!

I've finished my Béton Brut shawl! Pattern is by Karie Westermann; yarn is Vivid Yarn Studio,s Yak Sock (yarn has been discontinued) in "Concrete Jungle" colourway. This entry was originally posted at https://jlsjlsjls.dreamwidth.org/1382480.html. Please comment here or there…

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