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kissing in entries

Tea Time

"What are you thinking about?" Not five minutes before I'd been sitting on the opposite end of the couch, sipping at a hot cup of tea. And now here I was looking up at him from his arms. What had been planned as a brief visit to meet and enjoy a cup of tea had quickly escalated. "Kissing you," I…

Birthday spankings... and more!

The day after my birthday, Master and I had made plans to visit eight at her place so that we could have some fun with her, seeing as there were too many guests at Master's house! There was still much to celebrate! I had asked Master for birthday spankings and birthday sex! We'd managed the (super…

Luau... Kinky Style!

On the day of the party, we had planned a busy day. Master had another event during the day to go to which was near our party, so we had decided to be gone for the whole day. We also had with us the infamous eight, and one of Master’s playmates, who will be called Lulu. Lulu was…

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