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*** Hop to it: A day to write some FILTH over at pornday I've just left a lot of filthy prompts in the prompt post... So you know, no excuse. *** This entry was originally posted at https://kat-lair.dreamwidth.org/774899.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

Original Fic: Vlarian Oath

*** Reveals are up so I can pimp/post here :) Title: Vlarian Oath Author: kat_lair / Mistress Kat Pairing: OFC/OFC, Alien Starship Captain/Human Starship Trooper Rating: NC-17 Warnings/Enticements: Femdom, Alien Biology, Alien Sex Tentacles (except not quite), Wings (except not quite),…

Femdom Exchange Recs

*** femdomexchange collection is up and I can LUSTILY recommend browsing through the offerings! Because apparently I've done something to please the universe, I've somehow received two fics. I'm not exactly complaining though because they are both absolutely gorgeous and manage to hit so…

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