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Do it yourself for the win

I've had an electrical toy for many years (Erostek ET-312B if anybody cares). Some time last year the internal battery quit holding a charge. It still works ok, with the wall wart plugged in though. The manufacturer offers a replacement "battery assembly" for $60. So I'd just been making do. this…

Portland Pride 2018

Fay and I *intended* to get there before Pride opened at noon. Best laid plans and all that, I overslept and was awakened by Fay texting (for the third time)me sometime after noon. Since we were running late I decided not top go with the outfit I'd picked that night before (a purple satin blouse…

Fixed in place ...

She removed her pants, leaving her naked, and lay down on the bed. She figited trying to find the right pose, laying on her stomach. He put his hand on her spine about where her ribs ended and spread his fingers. "Stay," his touch said. She was nervous. His touch calmed her. She'd been looking for…

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