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Just completed my sixth major world in Kingdom Hearts III: the mountainous one. Sora is very upset by the possibility that he and Winnie-the-Pooh have grown apart. I can't believe Eeyore wasn't in the 100 Acre Wood. Did the inexplicable elephant eat Eeyore? Sora's immediate reaction to…

long-term literate original, fandom, m//

Hey! Coming out of a long-term oc RP and I don’t know what to do with my spare time, so…i’ll fill it with more RP! looking for: Someone 21+ (25+ even better. no offense younger folks, I’m just old and I’m more comfortable with older writers.) Looking for M/M mainly. Trans/NB ok too. I’ll…

Fanfiction: No Holding Back (Kingdom Hearts)

Here is a short Kingdom Hearts friendship piece about people having bad ideas and going 'this is a bad idea' and then 'let's carry out the bad idea'. Title: No Holding Back Fandom: Kingdom Hearts Rating: PG-13 Wordcount: 1,200 Summary: Kairi and Axel's training gets a little too intense.…

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