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How Rude, Kupo.

Pokémon Go was the only mobile game I'd previously played, but jecca_mehlota mentioned Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, and I thought I'd check it out. It's not that heavy on the story - it's designed to be consumed in small bursts, so both cutscenes and battles are brief - but it does…

Kingdom Hearts III: Spoiler-Free Predictions.

Kingdom Hearts III is out in approximately a fortnight! I've managed to avoid hearing any spoilers outside what's shown in the trailers. Here are my predictions! (These predictions don't touch on any plot details or Disney worlds revealed in the trailers, just in case anyone reading this is trying…

why am I like this

Doing some housekeeping/organization, which means updating my doujin collection spreadsheet, and I'm just like..............why am I like this. Why do I have so many???? I haven't finished updated the exact counts yet because I'm still working on things, but I'm definitely at the 400+ mark now...…

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