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Procrastination Simulator.

Q: Riona, do you really have time to write mini-reviews of every game you've ever played? A: I absolutely don't. Q: And yet. A: And yet! Some of these are more just reminiscences than reviews, but I've said at least a line or two about every game. Possibly. I've almost certainly forgotten…

Embrace The Darkness.

My housemates have never played any games in the Kingdom Hearts series, but they recently got into an ongoing Let's Play, and it's been a lot of fun to watch their reactions to all the nonsense and innuendo. 'I already took my pounding from Sora,' Axel says at one point. Rei shrieked with…

Video Game Meme

Stolen from Tumblr, because I never get to talk about video games here anymore. Video games have influenced my writing so much, and I want them to be recognized as a total valid way to tell a story. Novels are not inherently better than any other art form. Every medium has it's own magic.…

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