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Rough day

Wow. So today... Well yesterday now, was a rough one. The last fewdays have been rough and stressful. Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of Jethro dying. I miss my kitty all the time. It sneaks up on me though- the anniversary i mean- so much is going on right now and then bamit hits me! Thomas…

Moving out

So Thomas made it official. He is moving out on the first. He and two friends; Ryan and Hunter, are getting an apartment. Of course he can't tell me the name of it or exactly where it is but i assume it's because he hasn't paid much attention. I'm glad for him, it won't be easy. I'm looking…

Поделки из полосок бумаги.

Поделки из полосок бумаги. Нарезаем полосочки бумаги, ножницами скручиваем и делаем аппликации. Развиваем мышление и фантазию. Ссылка на это видео: https://youtu.be/k8RA4unUI7o Аудиосказки и обучающие видео для вашего малыша. Красивые иллюстрации, приятная озвучка, наслаждайтесь :) Не забывайте…

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