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It's getting to me

So life is getting overwhelming. My diet has gone to hell in a handbasket and I can tell I'm gaining; not much but I can tell. I know I am stress eating and depression eating. I'm depressed about Covid-19. I wasn't worried at the beginning but the longer it's gone on and the stupider people are…

Nosy troubles

Kids are most qualified to joke. The have an incredible ability to make you laugh while stating facts with a STRAIGHT face, particularly when they have a cold! --- My daughter S: My nose is not working. It doesn't have enough oil! She is going to make an excellent body engineer :) --- My…

Birthday profoundness

Talking to my son E about his birthday and what gifts he would like, he had a very interesting observation to make Mom: You are going to be 5 years old soon! What do you want for your birthday? E: Is my body going to be 5 years old? Mom (perplexed at the profundity): Yes E, your body is going…

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