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Me-and-media update (Guardian roadtrip edition)

Reading My media consumption has been tanking lately, even fanfic. Still listening to Not Forgetting the Whale in audiobook. Doing a lot of crosswords. Kdramas I am loooving Thirty But Seventeen (AKA Still 17). It's sweet and dorky and gentle, and the characters are mostly good and kind. It's…

Me-and-media update (cake edition)

Reading Very little eyeball reading (but I do need to feedback some fic that I read on my Kindle -- note to self!). In audiobook, the boy and I started Not Forgetting the Whale by John Ironmonger, which is really bringing home to me how much I'm used to inclusiveness in my reading matter (thank…

Me-and-media update (steroids-week-one edition)

Reading Eyeball reading is all fanfic. I need to get back to Drinking Sapphire Wine, Lab Girl and whatever else I'm in the middle of, but right now all I want is Guardian-related content. Audiobook is still Lies Sleeping. We have five or six chapters to go, I think. It's been a slow week.…

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