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radio arrived. I'll be studying the manual for a few days before playing with it from the truck. I was concerned buying what I believed to be a "no name" radio. Surprise, Standard Horizon is made by Yaesu! VHF, GPS, phone patch, distress beacon, and other features. 30 minute submersible to 5'... I…


hooky today. Drinking and thinking. Last evening's stupidity at work, has me stressed. My inability to move to another work center within the factory has me considering other employers. Missed a dental appointment today due to unnecessary overtime... Au revoir WY7AC Edit: Marine VHF/GPS is in…


work was cancelled. Going to town for booze & a beach chair, for my afternoon reading/grilling. Got Toby a new grill for Yule, first use today. Pagan cards posted, gifts purchased; just awaiting the solstice. Ordered the VHF/GPS for the boat. Ciao WY7AC Edit: Watching Avatar, picked up another…

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