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2019 whoo~

I just get back here again, after a while Still struggling with real life problem, well the exact same problem from last year. Wish I could finished it before May. I'm missing JPOP again, been binge watching JKT48 and AKB48 Mv, and also AAA Mv. I truly wish Jhonny's Ent especially KAT-TUN have…


I feel like i am all alone in the cage. Maybe i live in a cage. So upset with my mom. I taken up another language class, a Japanese language. Using my own money. She got all so upset. She said i'm obsess with everything Japanese. She told me "Why don't you go to Japan and live…

KAT-TUN - Ask Yourself

Here's a gift I decided to make myself in this year for a birthday!!! And yet it's a miracle that I managed to buy all three editions of this single!!! I'm really happy for that!

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