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JYP "This Small Hand" MV

Singer-producer Park Jin-young released an album and music video to express his mixed emotions of the joy of having a baby girl and sadness for his father fighting Alzheimer's disease. On Saturday he released the lyrics of the song "This Small Hand" to commemorate his baby girl who was born…

BIG 3 (SME, YGE, JYPE) 3rd quarter 2018 earnings

Revenue: SME: 168.7 billion won (149.5 million dollar) YGE: 65.2 billion won JYPE: 34.8 billion won Operating profit SME: 12.1 billion won YGE: 2.6 billion won (2.3 million dollar) JYPE: 8.5 billion won Net income SME: 6.4 billion won YGE: 2.0 billion won JYPE: 6.5 billion won SM: -…

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