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joss whedon

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Dr. Horrible!

Go go go! This is the last day to see it free! If it comes out on DVD as hoped, we’ll be buying a copy. It’s hilarious. Oh! There’s also a Captain Hammer comic! Mirrored from Cyn Armistead.

A Cappella Music, Babylon5, and Firefly, Oh My!

This afternoon, I opened the blinds on the windows behind my chair, thinking it would draw Kioshi off the monitor (his tail kept obscuring the screen) to look out the windows. Nope. He turned around, so at least his tail wasn’t in the way, but he was inordinately pleased with himself because…

Comic-Con International 2007 Report!!

Comic-Con 2007 Heroes was for the win. Perhaps it was Parker cooing over how handsome he finds Mohinder. Or maybe Peter Petrelli’s new haircut. It could have been Mr. Bennet’s sexy T-shirt—an impromptu Tim Sale-original. I don’t know I don’t know I don’t…

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