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The Kid of the Club

Title: The Kid of the Club Author: Uti Characters: Jinki(-centric), Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin Pairing: hinted JjongYu (squint really hard LOL), slight MinKey Genre: Slice of Life, Alternate Universe Rating: PG-15 Length: 2,322 words Author's Note: written for the umpteenth…


Title: Sneezes Author: Miss Circle Genre: Slice of Life Rating: G Pairing: None. It's Jonghyun's-centric. Length: 2743 words Warning: Fail grammar? Incorrect use of Korean language -__- Author's Note: I'm sorry I haven't posted a fic in a quite a while. Been busy with school and other…

The Apocralypse may be coming (Terry Pratchett reference)

I may be spelling it wrong too... Anyway... I don't have ONE ear infection, that's old hat. I have TWO ear infections. No wonder my head is ringing like a bell and I'm dizzy like I've been on one of those teacup rides at the carnival all day. But that's not why Binky and Death…

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