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The Apocralypse may be coming (Terry Pratchett reference)

I may be spelling it wrong too... Anyway... I don't have ONE ear infection, that's old hat. I have TWO ear infections. No wonder my head is ringing like a bell and I'm dizzy like I've been on one of those teacup rides at the carnival all day. But that's not why Binky and Death…

Holy Hell This is Best VCR EVER

So evidently new vcr at SHINee World concert in NanJing. Holy SHIT this thing is gorgeously hot. I am deader than a very dead thing and I am shaking with adoration. All of them look great, special bonus for Jinki on drums *flails* PS: I owe you all comment replies and message replies. I promise…

Oh Boys....Reprise

So I have a tumblr, which I mainly use to look at other people's posts n shizzle and lookie what I found. Happy KyuChul day! More stuff under the cut, concert stuff and one gif of Jjong on his throne just because. I love those jeans... There is nothing sexier to me than a guy…

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