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Sunday Windows

This Sunday has started off a bit cooler note than yesterday, and I doubt the sun will make much of an appearance today. I am glad though Ellie suggested that I go for a swim yesterday, because I do not think it will be possible today, as I do not have a heated pool. I have opened the windows up in…

"The Screw Shoe"

For Running on Packed Snow and Ice! http://skyrunner.com/screwshoe.htm Simply screw sheet-metal screws, the type with raised edges on their heads, to the bottoms of your shoes. I found that 0.5" screws were not too long, if placed out-of-the way of my toes, etc. Maybe you can find (3/8)"…

Curve-On the Wheel Music Monday for 11/19/18

Went for a jog this morning and with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, all the stress in my love life and dealing with a ramped up sex drive all week, this song came up on the radio station I was listening to on my iPhone as I jogged. It seemed to perfectly encapsulate the frantic feelings in my…

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