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[[ Jin and Eunwoo please ]]

*Jungkook had been trying to reach Seokjin all day, but his calls were sent directly to his voicemail. After asking the other hyungs and their manager Jungkook found out that the eldest member was most likely spending the day at his apartment so he goes there to look for him. Arriving at the…

(Eunwoo pls)

*Seokjin promised to take Eunwoo on a date and once he has everything prepared, he texts younger man with date and time. He gets dresses in button down white shirt and black slacks, styling his hair up so it's not covering his forehead. Seokjin then drives to pick Eunwoo up from his place. He sends…

[[ Seo-joon and all of BTS ]]

*The time has finally come for Jungkook to formally introduce his boyfriend to his members. He had been preparing for this for a week, nagging the members to keep the dorm clean and be nice when he brings Seo-joon over. Since the members weren't all free at the same time Jungkook didn't…

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