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*Jimin sat in the lounge room, controll In hand as he tried desperately to beat jungkooks score on the new game they had gotten recently. Music playing softly from his phone as he didn’t know if any one else was home* god damn it ! *he growled as he lost again*

(Eunwoo pls)

*Seokjin comes back to his apartment after schedule. He has been missing his boyfriend and decides to text him* Hey! Can we meet tonight? :) *he sends the message and goes to take quick shower*


*Seokjin is sitting in a coffee shop on a particulary hot day, sipping his ice cold Americano. He is listening to the music playing in his Airpods and watching people passing by the shop. Seokjin sighs softly and pokes ice cubes in his glass with a straw. Maybe I should go home for a couple of…

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