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LJI wk 8 -- My True North

Some days Jesus has to shepherd me like this... The above link, which was supposed to embed but wouldn't, features a man lying down reaching into what is seemingly solid grassy earth, gradually pulling out an entire sheep by the back ankles, blocking it from returning to the hole, turning it…

Written for Our Admonition.

We've all heard the saying about those who don't pay attention to history are doomed to repeat history's mistakes, yes? It makes sense doesn't it? When we don't listen to our own personal histories the same thing happens. We are doomed to repeat our same mistakes over and over and over again as…

Sin's Slow Deadly Poison.

Serpents everywhere biting people, killing people - why? Because the people sinned against God. God gave the enslaved freedom, yet the enslaved were so filled with their mistrust, they could only think of the comforts of their slavery. Is it strange to believe there were/are comforts in…

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