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SixTones's Lucky Item

❤️: Everything! I think everything could become lucky items everyday I am living luckily 💖: Pouch from Iwamoto, everyday I bring handcream and nail clippers in it Hokuto: When I am nervous, I always watch team Nacs DVD it’ll make me feel at ease : Nothing! I don’t have anything that…

Wink Up - February 2019

Juri 💙: If it’s about recent things, I can’t not talk about the junior Oda Shosei. I met him everyday ~ISLAND he is very cute. The other day it was his birthday I asked, “How old are you?” “12 years old” even though he is only 12 years old he’s able to…

Jesse's Tears

During Jr Matsuri 2018 Jesse, Shin, Moro, Myuto and Juri had a drink together at Juri’s hotel room. When they were talking about work suddenly Jesse started crying at Juri’s chest saying “Juri you have been through a lot yet you are still trying your best" at that time…

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