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Land of Art [Phase 11] - Ch 5: B is for Big Bang

The last challenge of Phase 11 started right at the beginning (hence number 5). It was a whole list of different design items for the teams to work on during the whole cycle. We had to hand in all as a team and got individual points and teampoints. I made 2 gifs, 1 picspam, 1 tumblr graphic and an…

Land of Art [Phase 11] - Ch 24: T is for Topsy Turvy

Challenge: Make a wallpaper in either desktop or phone dimensions and then tip the wallpaper created and make the opposite. Minimum size requirement: Desktop (1920x1080) and Phone (1080x1920). I played with Terminator and SPN RPF Jeff/Jensen :) Preview: Two sets of Wallpapers (Click for…

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