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Advent of Kotlin

Each December for the past several years, Advent of Code has presented a series of 25 daily programming challenge, with each problem adding to a Christmas-themed narrative. I think I'd seen references to AoC in the past but hadn't paid it any mind. This year, my team at work is evaluating Kotlin…

Criticisms of C# and .NET: Dynamic Linking

Code is often distributed in reusable pieces called libraries. In C#, libraries are Windows .dll files, "Dynamic Link Library". (If you compile and run C# code on Linux or MacOS, it will still produce and consume .dll files. Yeah, this was designed to be cross-platform. Sure it was.) Linking is…

Criticisms of C# and .NET: Enumerations

For a while now, people have asked me why I do not want to work in .NET anymore. The list is long, and it's irritating having to pick out individual complaints to explain. Therefore, I plan to write a series of articles explaining exactly why C# and .NET are so inferior to Java, in excruciating…

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