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japanese language

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Text parsing - 日本人の日記

A woman in kimono is taking picture of a scenery seen from the window of Sagano romantic train, Kyoto Here we are going to read the entries from a diary of Japanese student Aoyama Hiroshi and his experience of coming to USA for the first time. Vocabulary: 青山弘(…

Japanese grammar (初めての)

初めての Vて+初めての+N: the first N after V-ing For example: 1. アメリカに 着いて 初めてのカルチャーショックだった。It was my first culture shock after arriving to US. 2. 学校が 始まって 初めてのピクニックで、先生やほかの学生に大勢あった。I met many teachers and students at the first picnic of the term. When the verb is used instead…

Japanese grammar (らしい)

らしい it seems that, evidently らしい can be used with: nouns ( 車らしい) stems of な-adjectives ( 綺麗らしい) plain forms of い-adjectives ( 美しいらしい) plain forms of verbs ( 買うらしい) For example: 1. 日本人は、熱いお風呂が 好き らしい。It seems that the Japanese people like hot baths. 2.…

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