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Kurokawa Onsen, Kumamoto Japan Visiting an onsen is one of the most relaxing experiences in Japan. Although most are open year-round, the colder seasons are usually the most popular. Mixed bathing was quite common until recently and there are still some mixed gender rotenburo…

Valentine's Day & White Day

Image taken from Google Everyone’s heard of Valentine's Day, but what about White Day? These 2 days are very important and widely celebrated in Japan. In Japan, the Valentine's Day tradition is for girls and women to give gifts (usually chocolate or cookies). There are 2…


Taichi Saotome as an onnagata Kabuki is performed entirely by men. It was created by Okuni, who was a female shrine attendant, in the 17th century. Kabuki was largely popular entertainment for the masses. In the early days, all-female performances were preformed and were…

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