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Yuushin Valley!

Yesterday I went on a hike I had actually planned at the beginning of September before stuff happened and I couldn't go... But I still had my notes about the bus times and my map lying around, so why not just grab them and go now!? =D The Yuushin valley hiking courses have been closed for as…

For some reason I seem to have recovered from my jetlag a lot faster than last time? I remember back in June it took me a full two weeks before I felt I had the energy for anything anymore, but now it's only been a few days and I'm like... "Maybe I'll go hiking tomorrow!" xD…

Odawara Castle Ruins walk

Yesterday morning I went for a walk with my friend in Odawara~ She just bought new hiking shoes not too long ago, and I wanted to get back in time to check in for my flight at 2PM so we wanted to do a short walk of 2~3 hours in the morning and find lunch somewhere afterwards. I still hadn't…

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