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About Arashi's Decision...

Hi, everyone! I wanna share my thought about this Arashi’s news. Arashi's press conference about their idol activity hiatus after celebrate the 20th anniversary and after 2020. Actually in a time like this I really can’t choose my words well. I don’t know how…

Uhhh... soooo...

I did not vanish into thin air! I am surprised by this post as much as any of you (very few I guess) reading this. I kinda want to come back to LJ? So shout out if you're still around. To kinda sum up what happene since that last laconic post I... Moved abroad to Japan and finally got a work…

Koyama Keiichiro

Hello~ こんばんは~ I'm back... Back? Bring Back the Summer!? Yes, do you know this song? For NEWS fans definetely already known this song. It is on the track #2 at NEWS lastest single, "Ikiro" also known as 「生きろ」。 LOL what is this opening... Okay for not too long, like the title of…

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