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Much belated fanfic shares from the early part of the year

It's occurred to me that I haven't shared here the last few fics I wrote, for Fandom Stocking (which was in January!) and Chocolate Box (which also has been a while, namely two months!). Actually, this has occurred to me fairly often, but not when I've been sitting down at the computer with leisure…

Fandom Snowflake, Day 2

Continuing with my very-behind Fandom Snowflake challenge! Day 2: Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create. All righty! I could be at this all night, but let's try not to. First, here are a few fics, old and new, across various fandoms. First, my Yuletide gift from this year…

Chocolate Box writer letter

Hello, dear Chocolatier! (is that the generally accepted term? Hope so!) I’ll be really happy for fic about any of these fandoms and relationships. And if someone happens to browse this who also does art, I’d also be happy with fan art, I just haven’t got enough ideas about art to prompt what I…

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