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james monroe

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Remembering John Quincy Adams

On February 23, 1848 (173 years ago today) John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States, died in the Speaker's Room in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. He was 78 years of age. John Quincy Adams isn't remembered as one of the greatest Presidents, and he really made his…

Executive Orders

According to the Federal Register, Joe Biden has issued 24 Executive Orders in the first ten days of his Presidency. Is that a lot? Well if he continues at that rate, it would be, as that would translate to roughly 72 a month, 864 a year or 3456 over his first term. That would be a record. Only…

Remembering John Tyler

On January 18, 1862 (159 years ago today) John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States, died at his home in Richmond, Virginia, at the age of 71. Because died during the Civil War, while living in Virginia, one of the Confederate States, he was not accorded the same honors at the time of his…

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