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Double Drabble: Important

Title: Important Author: badly_knitted Characters: Jack, Ianto. Rating: G Written For: Challenge 501: Notice at tw100. Spoilers: Nada. Summary: Even Jack knows to pay attention to anything labelled ‘Very Important’. Disclaimer: I don’t own…

Fic: Going Up!

Title: Going Up! Author: badly_knitted Characters: Jack, Tosh. Rating: G Spoilers: Set pre-Series One. Summary: Tosh’s first day at Torchwood is over, but Jack has one final thing to show her. Word Count: 994 Written For: My own prompt ‘Torchwood, Any, Going…

Fic: Points Of View

Title: Points Of View Author: badly_knitted Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh. Rating: PG-13 Spoilers: Nada. Summary: Jack is staring at Ianto’s arse, Ianto is fully aware he’s being stared at, and Tosh is enjoying the show! Just a typical Torchwood day! Word…

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