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Фейглин - мегаломан?

Псто про израильские выборы. Тем, кто не в теме будет совсем не интересно. Остальным - тоже не факт. Предвыборные баталии в Израиле всегда бессмысленны и беспощадны, как русский бунт, однако, нынешние, как мне кажется, бьют рекорды или пробивают дно. Причем, я не о беспощадности, ведь тут все…

It was very very much A Weekend and I am starting the week the week fairly exhausted so that's great. But: Watched Captain Marvel on Thursday evening and enjoyed it - was a fun movie, above average in my own personal MCU ranking but not way up top. When I got home I was like, that was nice, but I…

Book review: Muck by Dror Burstein

“... readers will enjoy this funny, imaginative, and handsomely crafted novel first and foremost as a memorable work of literature, and as such it deserves to reach a wide audience.” -- From my review of Muck by Dror Burstein in New York Journal of Books Crossposted from Dreamwidth…

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