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fragility: the other white meat

erika in meat space: frankly, I think doing shit like slapping Trav on the ass and telling him to keep looking pretty 'cause math isn't his strong suit is HILARIOUS. For example, earlier he was complaining that his legs were still sore today from doing his new workout routine yesterday, and I…

tryna find the one that can fix me

I'm getting better. Slowly. Frustratingly slowly. But not because of the pneumonia or anything like that... That's seeming gone now, and really that would be too easy. One opportunistic infection just isn't enough for me! Finished the antibiotics for the lung infection last Monday. Nipple looked…

there's nothing we can lose that we will ever need again

Somewhere I picked up the meme that the 2016 election, Facebook and fake news are the crisis points directing us to implement ethics in computer science, just as the atomic bomb was a crisis point for physics and ethics in psychiatry have ...somewhat advanced since phrenology. I spent age 8-28 on…

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