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iron man

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One day I'll get better about updating

But today is not that day lmao! I can't believe I haven't posted since the beginning of 2018 and good lord so much shit has happened I'll be surprised if I can remember enough to post here XD! I guess we'll start with the rest of 2018 and bullet point as per usual? Cool?…

Friends Mostly

This is the Dreamwidth blog for Jo aka taikodragon, CaptShirogane, jotaikodragon, and a few other similar names online. I do podfics and love Takashi Shirogane. Other places you can find me on the internet: https://jodragonmoon.carrd.co/ This entry was originally posted at…

Master Fic List, Part Two

Hook Peter, Jack, Maggie You Had to Be There Iron Man Tony Indispensable Happy, Pepper, Tony Be Prepared (Iron Man)** (Implied Pepper/Tony, AKA Pepperony) Entrusted (Implied Pepperony) Happy, Tony Insubordination** (Implied Pepperony, I suppose) Pepper/Tony Blue Canary**…

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