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Dream Geography

Last night's dream was a bit odd, even for my usual dreamscapes. I found myself traveling to a non-specific area of Italy for some sort of conference. I was there with my best friend and others. Everyone in the area spoke English with no accent. We were there to see a disbanded comedy troupe who…

*blows dust away* OMG an UPDATE!

So it's been a reeeaaaallllyyyy long time since I posted a real entry. Not counting the 'end of year meme', the last one dates from well over a year ago. It's not that nothing happened since then, it's just that I had no energy to write down my thoughts in a way that made sense,…


So much doubt the past few weeks. What to do for the summer holidays? I got some books on Scotland, to have a change of scenery, but I never did anything real with it. Then I decided to stay home and have the same kind of summer as last year. But a colleague of mine asked me about Ireland. She's…

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