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What being sick and watching a lot of anime leads to...

...or I am about to post lists. Not that I haven't had a couple of lists for many years. I have a Favorite Female Anime Characters list over here, and a Favorite Anime list over here. To those, I am about to add both a Favorite Male Anime Characters list and a Favorite Anime 'Ships list. Top…

Sudden Inuyasha Fanart

I was rooting around amid my old, unfinished art the other night and found a sketch of Sango from "Inuyasha" that I'd played with in Painter. It was interesting enough I decided to clean it up for posting. So, here's some random Inuyasha fanart.

Five Things Making Me Happy Right Now: Animated Edition

* 1. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (It's gone from something I find surprisingly enjoyable to an obsession.) 2. Yasha-hime: Princess Half-Demon (I'm a huge InuYasha fan so this should surprise no one.) 3. The Liberator (I love Bradley James showing he can play heroic in WWII as well as Camelot.) 4.…

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