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Change is something you know is going to happen, but never really expect when it does. It sometimes comes slowly and sometimes it comes spontaneously. Most of the change I readily notice is because I want things to rapidly change. I stopped expecting people to change a while ago, but I mean like…


FROM 2004 MAY BE TRIGGERING OR UPSETTING TO THOSE WHO CARE. PLEASE DON'T TAKE THESE AS SUGGESTIONS. TALKS IN GRAPHIC DETAIL ABOUT SUICIDE IDEATIONS. (It was a rough month in my life) Traps set by no one. running dodging accepting ... they still catch you. Sometimes you are the trap. Victims of…


tears like volcanos black emptiness nothing to say nothing to do waiting for the inevitable finding no solace just empty space in between dull moments in time hope teasing me like bitter words trust made of glass When love is dead, nothing else really matters fires dying sharp fantasies Haunting…

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