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Veil of Thorns - Venerating Skin [Full Album] (2020)

Download free here: https://digital.panicmachine.com/album/venerating-skin-2 VEIL OF THORNS BRINGS THE SOUNDTRACK FOR THE NECROFUTURE WITH VENERATING SKIN It is the long standing habit of Veil of Thorns to gaze into the abyss of the human psyche until the Abyss imparts its secrets out…

Lyrics: The Art of Despair

You felt my touch of fire, more than a crush, so clearly, swallowed all my pride romance never died, I found you in my dream world, seduced me while sound asleep drinking my seed of lust, spreading your deed of trust I can't wake up, I cannot see, why are these demons surrounding me? Locked in…

Lyrics: Medusa

She comes to speak her madness, nothing like her sweetest hell I try to fill the void in darkness, I so surely dwell she hates the mortal in me, but she sees my spirit still her terror is appealing, even if she wants to kill Oh now you're haunting me, master of psychology, I am not your enemy…

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