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Primer Music 3 (Jazz And Improvisation)

And onto my fave genre - AMM - Ailantus Glandulosa 1966 Derek Bailey - What Is It Ornette Coleman - Lonely Woman Albert Ayler - The Wizard Sun Ra and His Arkestra - Sunology Parts 1 & 2 John Coltrane - Mars Enjoy.


So. Saturday I was helping out at the Drama Classes for Ye Olde Youth Theatre. We taught the kids my favorite game, What Are You Doing. Basically, it goes like this: I begin by miming combing my hair. Kid 1 runs up and asks "What are you doing?" I reply with something that looks NOTHING LIKE…


Hereis an unusual jazz album from the Swiss label Hat Hut/Hatology. Heard some of this on BBC Radio 6. Vienna Art Orchestra - The Minimalism of Erik Satie LP from 1984 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0:00 REFLECTION ON AUBADE 2:45 REFLECTION ON…

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