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Baby's Christmas Wish

BABY'S CHRISTMAS WISH Rating: K+ Genre: Humour Character: Baby Spoilers/Warnings: None Word Count: 200 Disclaimer: Don't own her Author's Note: Read to the tune of 'Santa Baby' Dean, it's Baby; slip a chamois under the tree for me, Been an awful good girl, Dean,…

DEW Drabble: Tough Hugs

Title: Tough Hugs Characters: Dean, Sam and the Impala Word Count: 100 Rating: pg Prompt: spn_bigpretzel DEW - theme: tough love; character: Impala Summary: She hasn’t got arms, just tough leather seats, but she’s always loved her boys. A/N: I also made this collage…

DEW: Female Intuition

FEMALE INTUITION Rating: K+ Genre: Humour Characters: Impala and Dean Spoilers/Warnings: None Word Count: 100 Disclaimer: I don't own him *sigh* My back seat’s taking another pounding. I’m glad my suspension is up to snuff. Dean picked this one up at the bar, a waitress.…

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