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FMiL / WWEMD(FAKB) : The 45 Week 48 Round Up/Update [T45W48RU/U -1]

Part thE ONe : FMiL [aka Favourite Moments in Life] while it's quite rare that I'm 'spot on,' sometimes I do have my moments where something I did or said was nigh perfectly timed/acted :) * the liquor store incident * living '93/'94 in the 'Bachelor's Trailer' in Roseau, drinking was…

"A Face For Radio" : The 45 Week 38 Round Up/Update [T45W38RU/U -1]

Even in the worst of times, I can find a reason to laugh - or at least smile I've never felt that life is to be taken too seriously - even in the harshest of moments & circumstances, if you can't laugh, or at least smile, you're screwed! I will - quite often! - be the brunt of my own jokes... if…

Манго-Манго (lossless)

Манго-Манго - Коллекция [5 Альбомов, 3 Сборника] (1997-2008) FLAC Название: Коллекция [5 Альбомов, 3 Сборника] Исполнитель: Манго-Манго Годы: 1997-2008 Жанр: Rock, Humour Страна: РФ Продолжительность: 07:53:07 Формат/Кодек: FLAC Кратко о... Рок-группа «Манго-Манго» была…

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